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Here you'll find our 2020 Review, some handy reminders and most importantly our Christmas Gift Guide!

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2020 In Review

2020. Deary me. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s been an odd year. Much to our surprise though, the year which seemed to overstay its welcome is finally coming to a close. I can hear you all rejoicing as the holiday season starts to kick in, every FM radio in the country playing “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey on indefinite repeat. But as restrictions ease and decorations rise, let’s not forget why this holiday season is particularly bittersweet.

Early days

In January 2020, Australia was in the midst of the largest national bushfire event in the countries recorded history. 17-million hectares of land was burnt across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, Western Australia, and South Australia. 33-people lost their lives. The country came together and collectively mourned the loss of our friends, family, animals, and land. The effects were felt across the globe as neighbouring countries watched with a heavy heart, offering supplies, donations, personnel; for a moment, the world seemed a little smaller.

In February, the mysterious virus that had been baring its teeth in several countries was given a title: COVID-19. By March, Victoria was declared a State of Emergency, and toilet paper became part of our currency.

Thus, began lockdown v.1. Bumps shuts its doors, and the home workouts began. The home workouts became tedious. The home workouts abruptly stopped. With the novelty of working-from-home and living room HIIT classes starting to wear off, many wondered whether the snow season would go ahead for some much-needed altitude therapy.

We tried to stay optimistic: “A neckwarmer is a mask, right?” According to consensus, they were! As we eased out of the autumn lockdown in mid-May, customers rushed into Bumps and snatched up the array of stretchy black facemasks, leaving nothing but trendy colours and patterns (much to the dismay of Melbourne fashionistas)

The baby snow season

Snow had been falling since late-April, with 56cms stacking on the ground at Mt Buller and 60-80cms across the Australian Alps as we rolled into May. Buller’s new dam finished construction, and snow guns were finally added to Standard Run. The season was announced to go ahead on June 24th for Thredbo, Perisher and Buller; July 6th for Falls and Hotham. For a short-lived, breathtaking moment our hopes rose as the mercury dropped. Skiers and snowboarders clipped and strapped their boots as the snow guns fired.

Cue July, the Victorian second wave was in full flight as Melbourne and Mitchell Shire headed back into stage 3. We mourned the loss of Buller champion, Alex “Chumpy” Pullin, who died in a free-diving accident in Queensland. The winter of 2020 just became a little colder. Rest easy Chumpy.

Vail suspended its lifts in Falls and Hotham; Buller kept them running for lucky locals. For this we all owe the Grollo family a massive Thank you! Regional businesses and local retailers like ourselves are so appreciative of how Buller operated this year under less than ideal circumstances. This included the generous way that BSL refunded lift passes this year, as well as Buller Resort Management Board providing refunds for Resort Entry passes. 

To read Mt Buller's Wrap Up Click Here

By early-August, stage 4 blanketed metropolitan Melbourne and regional was hit with stage 3. The clouds began to part, revealing an eclipsed sun. In the brief moments those in Melbourne were allowed outdoors, we smiled behind fabric masks and nodded in melancholic empathy. “Bring on 2021.”

George & Marty being COVID-Safe!

Peter was very proud of his custom made Sanitiser unit that he and son Robbie constructed.

Pete & Dani made the most of their touring setups.

Making the most of it

The year may have been undeniably bleak, but there were some shiny stones from within the rubble. Bumps’ fearless leader Pete and partner Dani took their youngest son Rupert (grey miniature Groodle—an odd colour for a Groodle apparently) to live up on the hill at Buller. With them came a barrage of touring equipment, and suddenly there was a spike in the amount of people trudging across the Victorian Alps in snowshoes. The Buller staff grinned and joined the fun, keeping the mountain groomed for the adventurous locals.

Bumps full-time staff looked forward to the 2-hours a week they were assigned to come in store and package online orders. Bumps casual staff watched online lectures from bed, greeted with takeaway coffee, or the love of a new puppy (his name is Fungus). Tigers won the AFL Grand Final, and our towering hardgoods manager Tom welcomed his first child ‘William’ into the world, who succeeded his father in toughness, but hasn’t quite caught up to his mother, Steph.

Here's to 2021!


It’s been a rough year for all, particularly for Metropolitan residents who toughed out the harsh conditions for months. The only saving grace may be that if there were ever a season to miss, it would be this one. As if the Victorian Alps knew of the hardships we were all enduring, the snowfall never seemed to cover much ground for too long. Regional locals managed to find some sweet spots in the backcountry, but for those of us who prefer to lap the lifts, the hills seemed to echo our emptiness. Maybe for the better.

A local summer is about to be upon us, meaning the skis are coated with a thick glaze of storage wax and Havaianas thongs are being dusted off. Restrictions continue to ease, and Bumps is happily welcoming you all from the hot sidewalk into our air-conditioned paradise (for our online customers, the air-conditioner is under maintenance). The wall between Victoria and (most) other states is being torn down, and just as we tentatively re-join the company of our neighbours, the state re-joins the unity of our country. With 2020 coming to a close and the memories of the imposing year slowly fizzling like a bad dream we’ll never forget; we wish for everyone to be safe. 2020 may have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, but it proved how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. Be kind to one another, wash your hands, shop local, and above all else: pray for some snow.

Atleast Rupert got to enjoy the snow...

End of Year Reminders


Making sure your skis/snowboard are prepared for storage during the long Australian Summer is vital for the longevity of your equipment. Heat and humidity can be very detrimental to skis and snowboards, causing edges to rust and bases to dry out and oxidize.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to get your gear serviced! Sharpening edges, repairing any base damage post season then applying a storage wax will ensure protection over summer when stored in a cool dry location.

Once the next snow season comes around, bring your equipment back to us for a quick scrape & brush so you’re ready to hit the slopes!

At Bumps our workshop is open all year round, no booking required. 


The Annual Kids Recycle Sale will be back in 2021!

After sadly being cancelled (for the first time in history) this year due to COVID, our Recycle sale will return next year.

We are so excited to be able to have this event again! We love being able to help families reduce waste and earn some cash while holding this consignment sale. There's always a bargain to be had, and it's the perfect time to get your non-skier friends into the sport with beginner friendly prices. 

2021 Dates: Friday 30th April - Sunday 2nd May.

More Information

Skiwear Care

Since we can’t go enjoy the snow for the time being, now is a great opportunity to give your gear the treatment it deserves! Outerwear, down puffers and even après boots can be revitalized and restored!

Using specialized products to wash and care for your garments is so important, as normal detergent & dry cleaning is far too harsh. The Nikwax range is designed with this in mind, helping to prolong and enhance the life of your skiwear.

All the products are so easy to use! Treat your gear in the washing machine, by hand or a spray on application. You can be rest assured by using these environmentally friendly products you will stay dry when it’s time to go shred again! 

Find all your care products here.

Stuck on a gift idea? Grab a Bumps Voucher!  

Choose any value between $20 and $5000 for all your gift giving needs!

Once purchased a receipt will automatically be emailed to you and you can elect for the electronic copy to be emailed to the recipient. During this process you can customise a message to the recipient.

Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the original purchase date. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Identification will be required should a voucher be lost. 

Designer Candles by Gray Malin

Exclusive to Bumps!

Decor for the ski lodge or beach house, we have specially imported them all the way from the USA. Featuring photography by Gray Malin, these candles make the perfect gift with over 49 hours of burn time!


Ski Candle  -  Snow Candle  -  Beach Candle

Thermic UV Warmer

After the year we have had you can't go wrong with grabbing Thermic's UV warmer. Not only does it heat and dry products, the UV light will also sanitise them! Plus, it's USB powered so you can take it on the go and get those boots, gloves or helmet pre-heating on the drive. 

It's our pick for the stocking filler of the year!

Shop UV Warmer $59.95

Ski & Snowboard Boots

Spoil that special someone with a pair of boots!

Don't know which ones? Don't stress! You can take a rough guess and if they aren't right we can swap them! 

We have one of the largest ranges in Australia, so we will make sure your loved one finds their perfect fit.

Shop Ski Boots:  Men's - Women's - Kid's

Shop Board Boots: Men's - Women's - Kid's


Gloves or mittens make a great stocking filler because everyone could do with a spare pair! We have a huge range to suit every budget, and until the end of 2020 they're 20% OFF! 

Not a snow bunny? No worries! We also stock a range of fashionable wool, leather and touch screen compatible gloves and liners.

Shop Gloves:  Men's - Women's - Kid's

Shop Mittens:  Men's - Women's - Kid's


Dissent Socks

For the skier who has everything!

The one time getting socks for Christmas is exciting! Dissent compression socks, perfect for skiers, snowboards or those with poor circulation. Helps with muscle recovery and cramping after a big day on the slopes. Available in wool for extra warmth and breathability. 

Shop Dissent Socks $74.95  

Hotronic Tech Boot, Glove & Helmet Dryer

Sick of sharing the drying room? Here's the solution, your own personal drying system for boots, gloves and helmet! 

Dries Boots, Shoes, Gloves and Helmets
Auto Starts and Stop Sensor for Boots and Gloves
Australian Adapter Included
Temperature Range +10°C to +40°C
Digital Display for Timer and Temperature


20% OFF until the end of the year! Oakley, Smith, Giro and Sweet Protection all in stock ready to be put under the Christmas tree.

Check out Smith's latest, the 4D Mag! Comes with 2 lenses and a hard protective case. 

Shop 4D Mag 


Helmets make another great gift for the skier or snowboarder in your life. All our helmets are currently 20% OFF until the end of the year, with selected stock reduced even further!

Excludes Race Stock

Shop HelmetsMen's - Women's - Kid's

Impala Rollerskates

Retro is back in full swing with these quad rollerskates from Impala. From Instagram to the skate park, these beauties are sure to make a statement! 

Shop Impala Holographic $149.99

Shop Impala Matte Black $149.99

Micro Scooters

Fun for the whole crew!

From 3 wheeled toddler sizes, to premium adult scooters for the morning commute there's something for every member of the family.

We also have a range of helmets, protection and skate accessories to complete the gift! 

Shop Micro

Globe Cruisers x Sam Chrinside

Melbourne-based fine artist Sam Chirnside (@chirnside.studio) explores the intersection between art & design, mixing natural elements with cosmic & spiritual phenomena that aims to delve beyond the edges of consciousness through the use of mixed media techniques.

Shop Globe

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