Fitting Information

At Bumps we don't just sell boots, we fit them, and its guarantee'd!

Ski boots undeniably are the most important piece of your equipment that directly influences how well you enjoy your skiing experience. A poor fit will result in uncomfortable, sore feet and poor performance. 

There is a lot to know about boot fitting. The vast number of shapes and sizes out there alone make choosing the right boot hard enough, but matching those shapes to each unique foot is where true skill comes in.

This is our specialty.


We take time to get to know you and your feet. We need to know your past experience and expectations from your new boots. What issues and pains have you had? What boots have you used that have worked well? What ratio of performance vs comfort do you want?

Knowing this information alone helps your boot fitter greatly.

With this knowledge in mind, we then start analyse your feet from a biomechanics perspective.  

The first step here is to understand the movement and flexibility of your foot and ankle, and ascertain what kind of support and how much support you need. For some people, a simple trim to fit insole such as a SuperFeet insole is enough, but for those looking for, or needing more, we make custom footbeds (kind of like a custom orthotic). The number one thing, is that your foot needs to be held in a static, stable and supported position. Footbeds are responsible for doing this.

We make use of the best methods and techniques from a variety of different brands to make the best custom footbeds around. MasterFit and Sidas both have quality gear, so we make them both.


Then there is the shape of your foot. this is where you are truly unique. Everyone has a different shaped foot, and our specially trained boot fitters know how to identify the right boot shapes for you. The width, height, lateral and medial shape, heel shape, ankle placement, volume, lower and upper leg volume and shape are just a few of the many things that we look for. 

Now we can get to the fun part, trying on boots.

Your boot fitter will have brought a couple options for you to try on, for some people this part can be really quick whilst for others it may take a bit more time. There are many reasons for this, mostly due to the interpretation of sensation on the foot. Your boot fitter will help you understand what feelings are good, and what feelings are bad, and describe how the boot should feel. 

We have a lot of options when it comes to creating the perfect boot for you. We stock a mix of complete boots ready to go, and more custom options where we pick a shell and liner separately.  

Now that we've found the best fit for you, we'll guarantee it!

The Bumps Boot Fit Guarantee

While it is impossible to adequately test a ski boot prior to purchase, your Bumps guarantee is your assurance that your boots will fit.  We are also happy to fine-tune your new ski boots as required, but in the majority of cases new boots require no further adjustment. However, sometimes boots may require more attention after they have been skied, eg. liners might need to be stretched, shells ground or re-shaped just to name a few. Our guarantee includes as much re-fitting as may be required in the first 12 months after purchase and there are no labour charges for this service as we want happy customers.

Our years of experience, the use of state-of-the-art boot fitting technology and specialist tools enable us to offer this guarantee.

Appointments are taken for complicated boot-fits Monday to Friday. Sorry but we cannot make appoints for Saturdays and Sundays from May through to the end of September.
As a boot fit requires quite some time we generally will NOT start a new boot fit within the last hour before our closing time.

Over the Late January and February period there may be times when a Boot Fitter may NOT be available.. Please call 03 9528 2701 to check and make an appointment.

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